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Victor Ivanovich Kholstov was appointed as Director General of Russian Munitions Agency
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CW stockpiles in Russia
Chemical weapons
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Chemical agents

Stockpiles of chemical weapons in the Russian Federation

Chemical weapons of category 1

Total volume of CW stockpiles (warfare chemical agents)

40 thousand tons

Organophosphorous agents ( Sarin , Soman , VX )

32.2 thousand tons

Mustard , Lewisite and their mixtures

7.8 thousand tons

Chemical weapons of category 2

Artillery shells calibre 122 filled with phosgene

3844 units *)

Total volume of phosgene

10 tons

Chemical weapons of category 3

Inert chemical munitions, discontinuous and propellant charges

288 300 units**)

* - Phosgene is extracted from munitions, projectiles bodies are destroyed. Phosgene destruction (processing) will be completed by April 29, 2002.

** - All stockpiles of chemical weapons of category 3 are destroyed.