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Agency Structure


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Victor Ivanovich Kholstov is appointed by the Director General of Russian Munitions Agency.
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Agency Structure

Director General: Victor Ivanovich Kholstov
First Deputy Director-General: Andrey Anatolyevich Kalinin
Deputy Director-General - Secretary of State: Vyacheslav Nikolayevich Kulebyakin
Deputy Director-General: Vasiliy Nikolayevich Singayevskiy


  • Department on Convention Problems of Chemical and Biological Weapons
  • Department on Forming, Financing and Fulfillment of State Defense Order
  • Department on Technological problems of Chemical Weapons Destruction
  • Combined Depertment on Formation and Fulfillment of State Order
  • Department on Industrial Safety
  • Department on Economic and Military Technical Cooperation
  • Department on Government Service, Administrativ Work and Personnel Policy
  • Department on Protection of State Secrets
  • Productive-Economic Department
  • Finance Department
  • Department on Accounting
  • Department of Mobilization Preparation
Federal Department on Safety Stockpiling and Destruction of Chemical Weapons under Russian Munitions Agency

State Enterprises and Organization, related (associated with) Russian Munitions Agency

Joint-Stock Companies, in respect of which Russian Munitions Agency pursues the united state policy in the field of conducting works on development, production, repair and waste recovery of production of military and civil assignment