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     On Recommendations on Russian deadline extension request. With respect to the request of the Russian Federation for extension of the intermediate and final deadlines for the destruction of its Category 1 chemical weapons, the Executive Council recommends that the Conference at its Seventh Session... More>>>

     On completion of construction of the first starting complex of Russian facility for destruction of chemical weapons. August 21, 2002 Russian Munitions Agency represents for Russian and foreign guests the first starting complex of Russian facility for destruction of chemical weapons (FDCW) built in Gornyi of Saratov region, the development of which is being carried out in accordance with Federal Target Programme "Destruction of Stockpiles of Chemical Weapons in the Russian Federation". The second starting complex is planned to be available at the end of current year. After that a simultaneous launch of all facility is planned. More>>>

     International control of chemical weapons in Russia. In 2001 Russia rendered assistance in carrying out ispections of the facilities by the Organization on CW Prohibition. During the year 8 facilities of former CW production, 6 facilities of CW stockpiling and 7 facilities of destruction of CW of category 1, 2, 3 were inspected. Total duration of inspections of only destruction facilities of category 2 and 3 totals more than 9 months. And the cost of the inspection of facilities in Russia in 2001 exceeded 35 millions roubles. Russian Munitions Agency 15.12.2001.

     Russia completely destructed chemical weapons of the third category. The total amount of destructed chemical weapons (CW) of category 3 includes: inert bodies of aircraft munitions - 4737 units, inert bodies of rockets parts - 3 units, propellant charges - 85324 units, explosive charges - 239960 units, that corresponds to 100% of units of CW storage. The basic part of CW of category given was destructed on CW destruction facilities in limits of stockpiling arsenals Leonidovka, Maradykovskiy and Pochep. The works were carried out in strict accordance with normative-legal acts on protection of life and health of facilities' staff as well as citizens, living in limits of zone of protective measures and environmental protection. In the process of these works constant presence and the instrumental analytical inspection of CW destruction processes on the part of international inspection teams of Organization on Prohibition of Chemical Weapons were provided. Russian Munitions Agency 15.12.2001.

     USA overhaul their programme on chemical disarmament. The US department of defense recently has completed the comprehensive revision of the programme on chemical disarmament. The revision of the programme is explained by the novel and more exacting provisions of national and state environmental protection as well as by increasing expenditure on the necessary equipment and construction. The adjusted plan envisages the reconsidering and the prolongation on 3-6 years of fixed dates of completion of CW stockpiles destruction at six from eight facilities: Aberdeen (Maryland) from 2004 up to 2007; Anniston (Alabama) from 2006 up to 2011; Newport (Indiana) from 2005 up to 2010; Pine Bluff (Arkansas) from 2005 up to 2009; Tuel (Utah) from 2003 up to 2008; Yumatilla (Oregon) with 2005 up to 2011. The revision of the programme is connected exclusively with schedule of works on destruction of CW stockpiles, rather than with activity modification, like the closure of facilities by the law of United States, rather than by Convention. Russian Munitions Agency 15.12.2001.

     The completion terms of destruction of stockpiles of chemical weapons in Russia are dependent on USA. In a speech on the 27th session of Executive Council of OPCW Director General of Russian Munitions Agency Z.P. Pak declared, that the Russian Programme of Chemical Weapons Destruction according to available agreements is strongly associated with assistance from USA. In existing situation with "freezing" of American assistance Russia is able to fulfill its obligations under the Convention but in the process inevitably the programme of full scale chemical weapons destruction would be adjusted. 27th Session of EC OPCW, December 4-7, 2001.

     The completion terms of chemical weapons destruction in Russia are to be prolonged. OPCW conciders of issue on granting Russia the delay in relation to its commitments on observance of mediate terms of stockpiles destruction of chemical weapons of category 1. The recommended deferral is associated with commitment of the Russian Federation on destruction of all CW of category 1 by April 29, 2012. The intermediate terms of CW destruction are prolonged: second stage 20% - till April 29, 2009; third stage 45% - till April 29, 2007; terminating fourth stage 100% - till April 29, 2012. 27th Session of EC OPCW, December 4-7, 2001.

     Implementation of the Convention on Prohibition of Chemical Weapons by Russia: present state and prospects toward the end of 2001. On the public forum-dialoge held in November in Moscow the Russian problems of destruction of chemical weapons, including legal, economic, social issues and environmental protection, were discussed. The representatives of central ministries and organizations talked about the state of the matter and prospects of chemical weapons destruction. Representatives from regions of CW storing have illuminated regional problems. Now in all regions of storing and forthcoming destruction of chemical weapons the responsible understanding of this problem has been formed, both on the side of local authorities, and on the part of population, and the sequential practical steps on the way of chemical disarmament are taken jointly with federal center. The considerable attention on forum has been given to international cooperation in work and elaboration of suggestions on the improvement of interaction between nations in the field of chemical disarmament. There were noted positive trends in increasing of means, allocated by Russia from federal budget for timely implementation of the Convention. The establishment of State Commission on Chemical Disarmament by the President of the Russian Federation is an essential moment. This finds the understanding among governments of foreign states. Over the past year along with USA and FRG many other countries expressed the desire to participate in grant-in-aid to Russia. In most speeches it was pointed out, that the forum-dialog with participation of representatives from CW storing regions, federal structures and departments, public organizations, foreign states is of exceptional importance in quickest and environmentally safe destruction of chemical weapons. Moscow, hotel Renaissance, November 12-13, 2001.

     Order of SCC of the Russian Federation of 16.11.2001, No 1093 "On introduction of changes in Appendix 4 to Order of SCC of Russia of 23.05.96, No 315". The Order determines the procedure of implementation of the Provision on Control over External Economic Activities in respect of chemicals, equipment and technologies, which can be used for development of chemical weapon. The Provision was adopted by the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 24.09.2001 No 686. The Annex 4 to Order of SCC of Russia of 23.05.1996 No 315 "On control over export of goods which can be used for development of mass destruction weapon and rocket means of its delivery" was also adopted and a number of measures on implementation of Order is determined.

     The Security Council has embarked on chemical weapons destruction. The total destruction of warfare chemical agents is planned to complete in 2012.The session of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, specially devoted to problems of destruction of chemical weapons (CW) in Russia took place on December 10, 2001. The Security Council concludes work on fulfilment of Russia's obligations on implementation of the Convention on Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and Their Destruction. In summer of 2001 the government reanimated the Programme of CW Destruction, changing essentially the original version. It was recognized advisable to focus its attention on building not all seven CW destruction facilities, but only on two or three of that number - in settlements of Gornyi (Saratov region), Shchuchye (Kurgan region) and Kambarka (Udmurt Republic). The schedule of performance of four stages of CW stockpiles destruction was adjourned, on the average, on 5 years. The President of the Russian Federation has determined the final date of destruction of all CW - on April 12, 2012. In ensuring of it in 2001 the funding of measures on destruction has already grown in 6 times in a comparison with 2000, that made up about 3 billion roubles. The total costs of CW destruction are defined in 3 billion dollars. These sums would be obtained on 70% from Russian federal budget, and the remainder world be obtained by States Donors, among which are first of all USA (one third of total), and also the UK, Germany, Italy, etc. On the initiative of federal powers the articles, related with chemical disarmament today are revised. Beginning from 2003 they'll be excluded from state defense order and be indicated on selected line in budget. Along with transfer of financial resources, the appropriate specialists pass from Ministry of Defence to Russian Munitions Agency, a body, responsible for the chemical disarmament. In the field of construction of CW destruction facilities the course on infrastructure building around those objects by priority rates is taken. Thus, the construction of the facilities shall be without detriment to social sphere of regions and hereby the protest of public forces, speaking against building of facilities for CW destruction will be neutralized. Before that the allocated means often were spent not according to their assignment, but the construction of the facilities thus were freezed. As concerns further use of facilities, related to CW, on international requests CW destruction facilities are to be destroyed on completion of work on the whole. For Russia it is reasonable to reprofile part of them on the civil product, what for is imperative to gain corresponding international certificate. Today the certificates are obtained for six facilities, and the Security Council of the Russian Federation is sure, it will be possible for them to obtain certificates on rest facilities presumed to conversion up to 2012.

     The USA join inspection of chemical weapons. "Washington Times" of December 20, 2001, states that former Russian Prime-Minister Sergey Stepashin, today the chairman of the Accounts Chamber of Russia, declared yesterday, that Russia and USA have concluded the agreement on joint audit of dramatic Russian Programme on Destruction of CW Stockpiles. The agreement was reached in negotiating with leader of the Main Control Department of USA David Worker. During the examination the efficiency of equipment for CW destruction and what, the American money, allocated to this Programme, are spent for would be checked. The Congress paid up the 2-year amount of USA deposit into the Programme on CW Destruction in August. Russia spent on the Programme 100 million dollars this year and 200 million dollars in the budget 2002 will pledge. But, as S. Stepashin has added, the presumed contribution of 2 billion dollars from USA would be decisive, if the Programme would be further developed. S. Stepashin said, that the joint American-Russian inspection will sustain the confidence, that the Russian Programme is accomplished appropriately. The Russian representative put forward a proposal, that the part of means, which Russia shall be spending on CW utilization (is valued at 10-15 billion dollars for nearest decade), could go in the defined offset of those debts (67 billion dollars), which Russia owned to USA still from Soviet era. Vice President Richard Cheney, at the meeting with Stepashin through a space bridge, had agreed to create the working group to examine this proposal and questions of long-term financing of the Russian Programme. S. Stepashin has also discussed with representatives of the Main Control Department the problem of interaction in the field of establishment of financial blockade against transnational terrorism, but with congressional leaders of USA - the problem on cancellation of Jackson-Venik prohibitive amendment, currently in force with respect to the trade with Russia. S. Stepashin declared, that the collaboration, with which he has occurred this week in Washington, reflects close American-Russian links after September 11.