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Victor Ivanovich Kholstov was appointed as Director General of Russian Munitions Agency
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Russian Munitions Agency is a federal executive power body, providing the realization of state policies in the munitions industrial field, special chemistry and chemical disarmament. Russian Munitions Agency performs the functions, earlier governed by the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation and abolished Committee on Conventional Problems of Chemical and Biological Weapons under the President of the Russian Federation (Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of August 6, 1999, No 906).

Russian Munitions Agency is approved by the Government Customer of works in destruction of chemical weapons, liquidation or conversion of facilities for production of chemical weapon. The Agency is also responsible for organization and execution of work on safety stockpiling and destruction of chemical weapons (Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of November 21, 2000, No 1644-р).

For quickest implementation of the Programme of destruction of poison chemical agents under Russian Munitions Agency in accordance with Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No 87 of February 5, 2001 the Federal Department on Safety Stockpiling and Destruction of Chemical Weapons has been created.

Scheme of State Managment of Chemical Disarmament Process
in the Russian Federation
(Scheme 82Kb) )