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Victor Ivanovich Kholstov was appointed as Director General of Russian Munitions Agency

Concept of Biological and Toxin Weapons

Biological and toxin weapons are a kind of mass destruction weapon, the action of which is based on using of pathogenic microorganisms and other biological agents and toxins. In the international practice the single term "the biological weapon" is frequently used.

It is understood, that the biological weapons are ammunitions, loaded with biological means, intended for mass destruction of people, animals or plants.

Under the biological means are understood the specially prepared biological preparations, containing microorganisms and other biological agents, as well as components, intended for conservation of biological agents properties during their storing and use.

The biological agents are specially selected microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, rickettsia, fungi, etc.), as well as infectious materials, extractive from them, capable cause mass diseases of human beings, animals and plants.

(Note: There is no term definition of "the biological weapon" recognized at international level.)